Elden Smith is the owner of Southern Trend Builders. Edlen was born and raised here in the Rogue Valley Elden is a fourth generation native of Southern Oregon. He started woodshop in the 7th grade and developed a desire of creating fine furniture out of different woods. Woodshop and carpentry classes through out high school helped him appreciate the extra time and effort required to rise above the norm in making a good product excellent.

Elden spent all of his summers from a very early age working in the woods and after high school he served his country for four years working in the armed forces in the civil engineering field. After returning to the Rogue Valley he completed 3 years of college, and 2 years selling real estate before realizing that building was in his blood. He built his first home in 1975 and through word of mouth advertising built many other homes around the Rogue Valley doing all of the carpentry work himself.

Elden Smith home builder
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In the fall of 1982 Elden was lured by an architectural firm to move to Phoenix Arizona and he continued building custom homes there ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 sq. ft. for the next 10 years. During this time he built not only high end custom homes but also a number of custom commercial projects from office gymnasiums to radio stations. This period gave him an education in many styles and construction techniques not used here in the Rogue Valley and working with craftsmen from all over the world an education that money could not buy. His commitment to excellence helped him build a successful business that prospered even during the slow times.

His desire to return to his roots in the Rogue Valley was finally realized in 1991 and upon his return he brought many years of construction knowledge with him. Even today Elden is still adamant about being on every job at least once every day and still takes part in as much of the work as possible.

Elden is always available to talk with and meet with his customers knowing that good communication will make their building project an enjoyable experience that stays on schedule and on budget. His professional results in his daily efforts are truly reflected in his "PRIDE" of his excellent construction.